President / Founder 

Dawn McKahan

With over 20+ years of advertising and creative experience, Dawn has extensive account and management experience. She is technically proficient in numerous multi-media platforms and oversees all integrated media strategy, creative, and team resources.

Her client portfolio includes: Automotive, Retail, Restaurant & Food Services, Packaged Goods, Events/ Sports Management, and more.

Administrative Director

Deb McMahan

Deb has 12+ years of experience spanning Radio, Cable, Internet, & Direct mail. She is a hands-on daily facilitator overseeing ongoing media, creative, and currency tasks. Deb also organizes and follows through on each of those tasks to ensure a successful campaign on all levels as well as contracts and budget management.  Deb often looks over the final projects, like videos, print ads and commercial scripts, to decide if the project meets client specification.

Senior Account Executive

Betty Day

Betty has been working in the advertising industry for over 25 years and facilitates the exchange of information between the agency and the client from the time the client first initiates a request until that campaign is live and the results are collated. Betty helps bring clients’ ideas and projects to life, ensuring client satisfaction and even attracting new business.